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These before and after pictures are Mrs. Mary and Kris’s design. When I walked into their home for the first time, the entire house was aqua, pink, white, and some yellow, and gray. There were tulips everywhere, memorabilia from their childhood. You see, Mrs. Mary & Kris grew up in this home and were ready to remodel their garage.  After all their siblings moved out and their parents passed, they have kept their mother’s favorite colors & flowers living throughout the house. It felt so pretty and calming. All these cute tchotchkes throughout the house made my heart smile. I am explaining this because it led to their journey to the color scheme of their new space. She had a vision and while I laid out the new design, they picked everything else.                                                                                                   

 Meet Kris & Mary

Their garage was in for an overhaul- it needed an underground plumbing system for the new shower and toilet, a new electrical panel, a heating and cooling system, new footings, and framing their new windows.

Then came the build from the 3D design. It is essential that our clients see and love the layout before the build!



The tile’s color scheme came to life! She chose white veiny 12×24 tiles, white glass 4×6 tiles for the bench, and a bench wall, with black pebbles. Black leather granite bench (My favorite), and match niche ledge. She wanted a fancy vanity and I offered just that.. she could not refuse.

She chose pink for her walls, and when I asked respectfully “Why pink?” she said, “It was because it was their niece’s favorite color”(Fratantoro, 2023).  It was very sweet. We customized a kitchen pantry and added rolling draws for easy access and additional storage, topping it with some pretty crown molding. The handles for the bench are strategically placed for Ms. Mary’s comfort. The nice glass door encases the beautiful new shower with a bench and custom niche. Rainshower and a hand wand within close reach.  Must have heated flooring. Ms. Mary did not skip a beat during this remodel.





Exiting the bathroom, you see the 2 new windows that are aligned with their existing windows. No wonky windows here.

Of course, the carpet would be aqua- like the ocean : ) contrasting the new closet doors.. cute touch.

I adore this new space and enjoyed watching the bond between the 2 sisters as they continue to live their mother’s favorite colors throughout the rest of the house. It was a pleasure working for them and being able to be a part of this chapter of their lives. Oh yes, let’s not forget their fur baby Harriett- what a cutie- she loved Jack and Devin.

Go Phillies !!

Thank you!



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Information shared on this post was approved by the homeowner.