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Providing Quality Remodeling Services to South Jersey for over Twenty Years

Our Story

AKD Home remodeling services was founded in 2006. Many ask, “what does AKD stand for?” It’s simply the first initials of their children’s names: Asli, Koray, and Devin.  The little children gave them both the strength to keep fighting and remove life’s barriers. 

AKD was a small construction side business that was ran by the owner Jack Czarnowski. Jack had a full-time job as a carpenter in commercial and residential projects but never gave up his side business. He learned so much while on the job as carpenter, a foreman, and he shared his knowledge with many of his apprentices. His ability to work with his tools, run work and teach has shaped his position today. He is a well-rounded, knowledgeable and has superior problem-solving skills which is essential to run a successful business. Especially a business that comes with many hiccups along the way. 

His wife Fey a Nurse, with a master’s in business was raised amongst trades men all her life. Her father was a roofer and plumber, and her step-father owned a construction company. She learned how to read blue prints, learned how different types of building materials were used and absorbed information that she did not know she would need today. As a teenager she would take left over material from her father’s jobs sites and use it to design her parent’s apartment in Brooklyn N.Y. Who knew at the age of sixteen she was exploring her passion for design.     

Her desire to design flourished years later when she started designing her landscaping with the purchase of their first home in Blackwood N.J. but it did not end with plants and flowers, she also loved decorating for the holidays. Her design with holiday decorations would bring crowds to her front door, that brought smiles to many faces. Jack taught her how to build decorations by using plywood, taught her how to use a jig saw, nail guns etc. This ability allowed her creativity to become greater every year.  Every holiday was a treat for the neighborhood, but for her it was a challenge to learn more…  What else could she make? And out of what? She even hand painted her son “Devin’s” room, making it a sponge bob theme because that is what he loved. 

Years of mastery on the outside, in 2012 she tackled interior design. Self-taught, she began studying interior design by attending conventions, reading, and following trends. While their home in Blackwood N.J. was always well manicured and tastefully decorated, financially they still could not delve deep as they had wished, well not just yet. Not until they bought their new home in Lumberton NJ. Both, well rounded at this point- this home was set to be their masterpiece. 

It was at that time Fey and Jack really understood what the last 20 years of their life was shaping them for. They were in training together- Jack was mastering carpentry, project management and building relationships, while Fey was learning design with various materials, blending colors, learning how to incorporate different textures and mastering service excellence.  As a Nurse for thirteen years and a leader in healthcare for seven of those years, she learned what people really want. They want to be heard, respected, and want excellent service. And that’s just that!

Combining their experience together, we now have a business that holds Fey the designer and Jack the project manager.

Today they sit in front of you as a duo offering their services, their knowledge, and their passion in design and build. The reality is that anyone can put up boxes on a wall and call it a kitchen, but when an eye that understands design and a partner that brings that design to life unite. Well, that’s a whole other experience. 

 At AKD, you do not just get a contractor or just a designer. It is a hand-held experience, a team that truly wants to make you smile, just like the kids who came to see the holiday lights every year. You can have that feeling in your home when you choose the right team for your projects.

And…. Jack and Fey fit that bill!