Bring the outdoors into your bathroom without losing the glam!

All I knew when designing my own bathroom was that I love the outside. The flowers, trees, plants, all the earth tones, but I did not want to lose the glam or the brightness. SOOO, how do I bring these trends together? I want to share my journey as this is common question, I get asked

a lot. It was not easy but I think I pulled it off- You be the judge.

The floors

12×20 slate gray black tile with matching pebbles … but who wants the same old color grout? Not this chick- so I chose a Mocha brown- the color of the soil. Yes… Mocha- the pebbles are like the floor of a lake and the brown is the organic matter that lies within… Are you following me? 

New Windows

Previously – I had tall windows with blinds. All I knew was that I had 9 acres of land in the backyard but was only 12 feet to the side of my neighbor’s house. While I adore my neighbor, let’s be honest, who wants to stare at their neighbor as they are showering…. hmm… I’m not even going there… Ha! So, we minimized our window height and got rid of those dusty blinds, and installed picture windows to capture the view.

The Vanity:

Could I have purchased a wood vanity? Sure… But I wanted to add a cool color to offset all the warmth. So I chose a color called gray stone… a cool color, a color that can be found in the wilderness amongst the largest of boulders… (this is what I tell myself 😊) Check it out.

The Bench

Matches the counter steel gray granite but notice the greenish marble subway tile… sweet touch, ayee? Pull that green from the walls downward 😊

The Backsplash behind the vanity

Beautiful Large 48×48 Veranda Green was my inspiration tile, combined with decorative wood Panels for added warmth- then came the glam… Who does not love some glam?

Touches of glamor

This is where my touches of gold come in. And friends where does gold come from? Gold comes from mines, one pans for flakes in a stream, or extract it from seawater. Again, it is an element that is formed by the earth ( n.d.). While I wish, it was real gold- I am using its shine to throw some glam into the bathroom. Not a lot- just a sprinkle here and there. I added 40×40 circle lighted mirrors as my ceilings are 9 ft tall, so I needed the height. Plus, I added a golden soft light chandelier to fill the space between the two vanities.

The plants

How can you bring the outdoors in without adding some plants? I chose humidity-loving plants, placed them on the sills, and a hanging plant between the windows. These guys are going to love their new home! I threw in wood finishes some succulents and voila- a cool, warm, and glamorous bathroom.

Here is it is in a nutshell, what has been racking my brain for weeks!  : ) but like anything else, wherever you spend your energy their will always be positive results or a lesson or two learned! Stay tuned for more…

Feyza Czarnowski RN, BSN, MBA

AKA: Self Taught Designer

You can be too!


How Is Gold Formed? Origins and Process (